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Reviewer: Kara Schrader, BSN, MSN, DNP (Michigan State University College of Nursing)
Description: This resource for nurses on how to teach online effectively describes how to understand learning styles to help create an online platform to facilitate student learning with a focus on application. It also offers online resources, including templates and worksheets.

Purpose: The purpose, as described in the preface, is to provide a "how to book" to assist nursing educators in designing curriculum that is congruent with the thinking required to practice nursing. The author discusses why this is important in today's nursing practice. The book provides the knowledge and tools that can be applied to all levels of nursing students in this high-tech healthcare environment.

Audience: The book is designed to assist all educators in nursing schools no matter the level of student or experience of the educator. As a nurse for over 40 years who has worked on instructional design, the author is a credible expert.

Features: The book begins by describing the types of learners in today's nursing classroom. It presents perspectives on learning styles and theoretic concepts of learning theory that are helpful for newer nursing educators. It then provides ideas and recommendations for the creation of an online learning environment. Guidelines, as well as examples, are provided, starting with the development of behavioral objects, creation of cases, and discussion boards to assist nursing students think like nurses in practice. The book presents material to facilitate the design of a course from scratch, in addition to transferring a classroom-only course to an online platform that can be hybrid or totally online. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on creating the course to help students develop cognitive processes that can be applied to nursing practice. Templates throughout the book assist educators in understanding the material, but they also can be used for the creation of exercises and assessment practice applications for students. These templates are available for download.

Assessment: This is a unique and timely book, as many educators struggle creating content that is applicable to nursing practice. The information and guidelines can be used for all levels of nursing education, which is not true for other books with the same focus. With the resources and templates, educators can extend their ability to use the content now and in the future. 

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